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From Natalie:
I’m a lucky girl! These were delivered via bike messenger to my house!

I should add that I live at the top of a very steep hill. I felt a little bad for the delivery person (Ian), but he said it was all in a day’s work (as he wiped some sweat from his brow). And just like that, he was off to deliver the rest of the flowers that were in his basket.

I love everything about Farmgirl.

Farmgirl is kicking imported flower companies to the curb. In addition to buying locally grown flowers, they are partnering with Cupid Couriers, a San Francisco worker-owned bike courier company. They deliver flowers via pedal power whenever possible in San Francisco. And if they can make it up my hill, they can pretty much deliver anywhere. It gets even better Рthey also use reused or re-purposed vases and make a donation to Playworks for every arrangement ordered without a vase. If you are going to have flowers delivered in San Francisco, the choice is pretty clear РFarmgirl flowers! You can also follow them on Facebook here.